Communication and Words

Hello. a New video. Communication and Words. Thanks for watching!


Hello. How are you?

I Talk about communication and words.

Many talk about communication.
People only listen when have words.
All life I not have words.
I given words then left alone.

Adults still need help learn devices.
Adults not just know talk using device once given.
There many words but want think.
How many word enough?

Can you count how many word say in one day? I can.
Can you ask for anything you want? I can’t.
Can you swear? I can.
How many different way can you say one swear word? I only a few.

Can you tell a story? I maybe.
What about a silly story with made up words? I can’t.
What about a story with sounds? I can’t.
Ask for things maybe good but that not communication.

Communication is more.
Communication is asking, refusing, swearing, saying a story, talking to pets, making sounds, describing things and more.

Communication is not just requesting.
When we not have access to words we not be include. We not include we not communicate. We not equal.

Give device good, sign, pictures, many way communicate. But please please not just give device and leave.
Show how use, talk with AAC, include. make AAC natural as your words. Then we be include.
Thank you. Take Care of yourself.

End Transcript

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