hello. I be ask what AAC I using. I wanted write this on it own so more can know about how I talk. I use many AAC. I most use this Accent 1400 with Unity 144. It have different picture symbols because I need different. I use sometimes with keyguard and sometimes mouth stick and sometimes switches. My disability need change all time. Early maybe I not can move hand. Late maybe tired not move anything.

sometimes I use this LAMP words for life. Sometimes I use sign language get write down for me. Sometimes I show things. Communicate is a lot different ways. I like Unity 144 most because work good for me but other person maybe like different communication device and different symbol. My communication device dedicated device with funding. But use some on iPad too.

it take time to learn where word is and what many picture word mean. Some is easy and some take long time with many many repeat and explain different way until understand.

it help when care use AAC too then learn where word is but also make AAC look ok like people use voice. It my language. Everyone need different like everyone have different voice. Hope be understand. Communicate important should be give everyone how they can.

See you later.

*You can learn more about Jays preferred AAC at this website:

A red computer looking device with a grid of pictures on it and a keyguard over the picture grid.
Jays Communication Device

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