Disability, Social


hello. I been upset about some things for a while and shutdown. Make me not any energy to do anything.
I not have friend offline and very lonely. I want know people but hard make friendship.
people say online thing like zoom make more accessible for them. It not for me. I not be include those things. I can’t understand many speaking and I not fast using communication device and sound communication device make bad. If not I can use device typing and time make message I not part the group.
too many thing make me not have friend and I upset about it. I don’t understand why people bad with me. I never be understand many thing. It shouldn’t be so hard accept person disabilities autistic non-binary queer trans and many more thing.
sometimes I meet person then never see or talk me again but never tell why. What I do so bad that never want know me?
I tired.
if want be friend talk me or come Facebook group or discord chat.
good night