I am Autisticnon-verbal, use AAC to communicate, have intellectual disability, cerebral palsy and multiple other physical disabilities. Use a wheelchair to get around. Have dissociative identity disorder, OCD, anxiety, suspected ADHD. 

I am 40 years old. I am Non-Binary, IS, Trans. Autigender, Polyamorous, queer, on the asexual and aromantic spectrum. It’s complicated.

They/Them pronouns.

I can also be found on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. 

My special interests are Dogs, Minecraft, Archery, Art, Star Wars and Speedcubing. Also love Doctor Who, Star trek, Marvel, DC, Orphan Black, Penny Dreadful, Ghibli and more. 

I have an Assistance Dog in Training, and many other pets. 

I live in Sydney, Australia. 

I use Unity 144 on an Accent 1400 communication device made by Prentke Romich to communicate, it is adapted to my needs so may look a little different to the standard software, I have many words added to help me understand and express myself. I use a mix of facilitated communication and independent communication currently (I still require someone close before I communicate) I have other ways of communicating and expressing myself. 

I have difficulty understanding language and rely on pictures and other adaptions to understand complex ideas, and sometimes not even then.

I have difficulty seeing things outside my own world view and can cause problems with friendships, anger towards me only hurts me and does not help me understand your view any better.

I have high support needs and require full time round the clock care. 

Feel free to message me, understand it takes time to reply because I require help, but I will get to your message.


Do Not Follow, Do not interact IF: 

You are Pro ABA, no matter what ABA you claim it to be. 

You are pro a cure for autism. 

You support eugenics. 

You use Aspergers to describe autism. 

You do not want to interact with an adult. 

You are NSFW. 

You are transphobic, TERF, SWERF, homophobic, acephobic etc. 

You are against endogenic, quoigenic, mixed origin, non D.I.D etc systems. 

You use functioning labels. 

You think I am not like your child. 

You use terms like mental age and age appropriate. 


I am not here for discourse or fights against my reality. If I have said something concerning please be gentle in speaking to me about it, I may not understand, otherwise leave me alone. 


Twitter is ArcherJay2

Tumblr is ArcherJay2019

Facebook Page is archerjaysworld

Facebook is Jay Rainbeau

Instagram is butter_n_jay

TikTok is jaybutternco

Buy my art here: https://www.redbubble.com/people/JupiterRoseArt/shop