Latex Allergy

If I educate one person today then it’s worth it.
I have a latex allergy. I am airborne anaphylactic to latex. Every time I go to a shop, go to bowling, go out it is anxiety inducing because I never know when or where I will see a balloon. I never know if this time my antihistamines and inhalers and everything else will work or this time I need my epipen just from this balloon. Latex allergy is progressive, this means every time I am exposed the allergy gets worse. There’s no way to make it better and exposure therapy is not an option. I can tell you there’s latex in a room as soon as I am in it without seeing it because I react. I have reacted at drs only to be told I can’t be reacting or there’s no latex only to find latex gloves, a single rubber band in a drawer etc. A single balloon makes me sick for days up to a week even using everything I can to not end up in hospital. The allergy doesn’t stop just by having an epipen or antihistamines etc. It’s hard and bowling is often a difficult thing, I love bowling but there’s so much latex and there’s always balloons. I have given feedback to companies but it falls on dead ears and I am only one person. There are latex free balloons but no one wants to buy them. This is only a small part of my daily life. Latex kills. Not only people but the environment, latex balloons don’t biodegrade the way people think. It should be banned, we have better options.

artist for drawing unknown, if you know let us know so they can be properly credited


Accessibility many many things

not just wheelchair ramp

Accessibility simplify language

little sound hush

earphones headphones

AAC device

facilitated communication


space to rock flap stim tic

book on sound

sign language

place latex free

assistive technology

light not bright

Accessibility many more things

Accessibility not just wheelchair

Disability more than just paralysis

Give more than just wheelchair ramp

All accessibility I need or world not accessible for me


Litten Story


I done many serious post and video. I want talk some not serious sometimes so I say some story about thing in my life. Today I say about Litten little cat.

One day middle night hear big big noise. I get up I think cat fighting. Very loud.

Then I hear dogs making big noise. I go to see what this big big noise. I think cat going be hurt.

Dogs big dogs outside huskies, Butter always inside with me. I go out look what noise.

There a tiny kitten in yard, dogs trying get at it, kitten makes huge noise at dog having teeth and claws hissing and growling at dog.

Ok I don’t know how I get kitten safe so inside go wake partner tell kitten have get dogs out way. come help.

get kitten into cat carry and inside, check over she looking ok but have some blood. I don’t know where blood from. blood not coming from kitten. How? I ask partner.

Check dog, dog be blood scratch bite. ok. keep kitten safe make sure ok. morning thinking kitten belong house close, many people have cat, put outside.

She outside close door. No. She not going stay outside she come sit door meow let be inside.

Ok, bring in, give some food, water. later partner put outside it quiet think ok gone home. later open door she run inside. Ok she not going.

we get to vet all ok give the flea, vaccine take home. Litten very tough, bite my finger!

Morning go she stolen whole chicken in the kitchen! She steal lot thing all time. Destroy many thing!

We call her lot name like bandit, thief. She very good steal.

One day I hear a barking. I think what Butter barking at? Not butter bark! Litten barking at other cat at door!

Is funny cat, think dog even try get treat sit when training butter. Steal Butter bed. Always doing something tricking.

She do lot thing but also very cuddle. Also come lay on when meltdowns. Copy Butter to help.

She think own house. She chose this be her home.

Thank hearing my story. Thank you my care help to writing.

autism, Social


often people say


you look good when you smile

often people think

smile mean happy

smile isn’t happy

happy is my hands

my body

my moving

happy is flapping


big body wiggles

my face is not

my feelings

a smile means nothing

smile on face

is fake


smile is what others taught

uncomfortable unnatural

awkwardly painful

my happiness

shows in my ways

i move

i bounce

i flap

i squeal

i don’t need to

smile for you

i only need to be me



see me in my world

doing my thing

and you may

see me differently