Disability, Social

hi. I be quiet long time.

life very hard. I not ok not get what need.

feel abandon by people say help leave when too hard.

I tired be see a project. I person I have feeling and want and not for make you look better.

I’m not happy. I very mad the world. I get left to die. People help little then give up.

I left struggle alone.

I alive for now. It hard.



today is birthday

it lonely

people celebrate thing I never had

many say autistic not care this things


some don’t

I care

it matter because never have

because something special to other people but I not know why

how can understand something never have if not explain


very few remember birthday

few that remember be nice not upset talk about too much

it just another day


other day was four years since have stroke

four year ago was in hospital

if not covid I be hospital now


everything hard

I alone

I not understood

I sad and tired


all want is see my love

be in arms again

sleep next to


nothing feel safe

autism, communication, Disability, Social

if talk us understand this.
we multiple. We not say alter or personalities. We people.
I new person. I don’t know what happening. I don’t have memory everything. I can’t answer all question.
we use AAC. It not communication device need. It slow and frustrate.
we not read. We not understand most word. We likely not understand anything you say.
have complex disability. Can use hand little. Use hand hurt and not ability anything more all day. Be able use not mean good use.
can force into wheelchair. Make fall hurt. Make pain all day can’t move. Not safe.
When say can’t do alone true. Be do for one time day not mean can do.
everything scare and we not understand anything.

autism, communication, Disability, Social


hello thank you comment my write yesterday
welcome new people
many nice support
something some misunderstand
I not think autism bad I neurodiversity positive
communicate my words hard understand AAC different language carer try translate not easy
many not understand I say
I be tell is smart I say no very hard write long time say help find word AAC not understand people
people say presumption of competence very big word I say listen I not do good people think understand think can do leave me isolate struggle make feel alone
presumption of competence good many not me
I struggle I not get help need not everyone same
I proud autistic I proud disability I proud different
I still struggle still need many help still need listen to
I say I can’t is truth you make will hurt me make worse
I know not smart I know different still not bad be me
people online see write words not see how do hard is help offline try understand try translate
language hard write is tired

written with Unity 144 location