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Content warning : talk of abuse

09/11/20 3:44PM

hello. I get question sometimes people ask. I be answer some when I can. I still learning words on communication device everyday learn new but take many repeat to know them.

sometimes I write these blog post and people think I talking about them. When I write something it because happen many time me and remember from many many time. I can be hurt once and nobody know because take long long time be say.

if you think I write about you what you doing so bad I write it? not have wrote about my partners on this because not like private be take.

so ask you why think I do about you? And if worry I say about you what you doing so bad to me?

some have ask name the cult I was in that taken me and name tribe was take from. I not going answer that it put me in dangerous if people stranger knowing. I have stay safe. Don’t do this asking me about that. It rude ask and same rude ask about what happen to person. Talk my trauma when I ready and I have picture word to say it.

I not have word many thing still. My language is little and slow and learn more and more when can.

Disability, Social


hello. I been upset about some things for a while and shutdown. Make me not any energy to do anything.
I not have friend offline and very lonely. I want know people but hard make friendship.
people say online thing like zoom make more accessible for them. It not for me. I not be include those things. I can’t understand many speaking and I not fast using communication device and sound communication device make bad. If not I can use device typing and time make message I not part the group.
too many thing make me not have friend and I upset about it. I don’t understand why people bad with me. I never be understand many thing. It shouldn’t be so hard accept person disabilities autistic non-binary queer trans and many more thing.
sometimes I meet person then never see or talk me again but never tell why. What I do so bad that never want know me?
I tired.
if want be friend talk me or come Facebook group or discord chat.
good night



today is birthday

it lonely

people celebrate thing I never had

many say autistic not care this things


some don’t

I care

it matter because never have

because something special to other people but I not know why

how can understand something never have if not explain


very few remember birthday

few that remember be nice not upset talk about too much

it just another day


other day was four years since have stroke

four year ago was in hospital

if not covid I be hospital now


everything hard

I alone

I not understood

I sad and tired


all want is see my love

be in arms again

sleep next to


nothing feel safe