Accessibility many many things

not just wheelchair ramp

Accessibility simplify language

little sound hush

earphones headphones

AAC device

facilitated communication


space to rock flap stim tic

book on sound

sign language

place latex free

assistive technology

light not bright

Accessibility many more things

Accessibility not just wheelchair

Disability more than just paralysis

Give more than just wheelchair ramp

All accessibility I need or world not accessible for me


meet people always go like this

carer say

this is Jay they use use that device to speak and carer point my device

then person talk to carer never me

but sometimes person say

oh how does that thing work

then want me show how use device

I hate this don’t do this

I person this my voice

don’t make me do performance

because you not understand

I not circus trick

I not say you

oh how you voice work

and wait you sing

when do that I not want use device

I not communicate long time

this hurt me

Communication device how talk

this my voice like you talk

be respect my communicate

not treat like circus

I talk my way when I want not for show

Device part me

like wheelchair part my body

I get hurt when people do bad to it


Tumblr person said I American

I not I Australia

not understand why

person said like I liar

make upset

people say thing not true about I all live

not nice say what I said wrong

you rude do that

I know I I know live

you not I stop be rude

make meltdown not happy

bully make I not online before

make I not talk long time

not ok