autism, Disability


hello. I be try write more post while learn communication device words to talk.

I have people say me online I can’t be autistic because can use computer. I can’t be intellectual disability because write talk online use computer.

I have word for you who say this thing. Your word of the day is accessibility.

I have accessibility to use computer internet talk and more.

I can use communication device to be online and writing. I can accessibility with iPad cell phone have thing speak for me. I have help people explain way I understand so know what people meaning. This how know you been rude. Rude not the word I want say but if I say word I want say you be start saying not want listen because autistic all yelling when ask help for my child and I not want hear that again.

do you know how many people ever listen me? Not many. It take many yelling be hear then you say oh I not listen until you say thing calm. This mean nobody ever listen.

I autistic. I intellectual disability. You don’t have right to my medical document. I use thing with help from technology from people explain from accessibility. From accept all way I communicate and help to say thing my way.

stop tell me what I am. You not know my life from little thing internet.

I autistic not with autism. I is diagnose and I support self diagnose. Diagnose not easy stop be a stink Fart.

See you later.

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