autism, Disability


hello. I be try write more post while learn communication device words to talk.

I have people say me online I can’t be autistic because can use computer. I can’t be intellectual disability because write talk online use computer.

I have word for you who say this thing. Your word of the day is accessibility.

I have accessibility to use computer internet talk and more.

I can use communication device to be online and writing. I can accessibility with iPad cell phone have thing speak for me. I have help people explain way I understand so know what people meaning. This how know you been rude. Rude not the word I want say but if I say word I want say you be start saying not want listen because autistic all yelling when ask help for my child and I not want hear that again.

do you know how many people ever listen me? Not many. It take many yelling be hear then you say oh I not listen until you say thing calm. This mean nobody ever listen.

I autistic. I intellectual disability. You don’t have right to my medical document. I use thing with help from technology from people explain from accessibility. From accept all way I communicate and help to say thing my way.

stop tell me what I am. You not know my life from little thing internet.

I autistic not with autism. I is diagnose and I support self diagnose. Diagnose not easy stop be a stink Fart.

See you later.

autism, communication

Stop and Listen

Stop and Listen.

people say nonverbal autistic not communicate.
Do I not exist?
I am here.
Will you hear me?
I think you not want hear me.
You not like be challenge your limited beliefs.
communication for me is slow.
I speak my ways.
I not like words.
You only listen speak mouth words.
There more ways to talk.
Stop being rude.
Stop yelling what you not understand.
I speak for me.
you try say words for me then be mad tell you not speak for me.
who the rude one here?
not the autistic people.
You who think know everything but not listen.
I am here.
I am tired of you.



today is birthday

it lonely

people celebrate thing I never had

many say autistic not care this things


some don’t

I care

it matter because never have

because something special to other people but I not know why

how can understand something never have if not explain


very few remember birthday

few that remember be nice not upset talk about too much

it just another day


other day was four years since have stroke

four year ago was in hospital

if not covid I be hospital now


everything hard

I alone

I not understood

I sad and tired


all want is see my love

be in arms again

sleep next to


nothing feel safe


Keep Going

I don’t know what to say. It is hard. My life has changed in big ways. I can’t do many things I used to. I try not to sleep. I don’t know I will wake up. I want to live.
I have dreams. I have goals. I am a person.
I don’t like be inside. I don’t like be in bed not moving pain. This not the life I want but it the life I have now and it still worth more.
I have stories to tell. I want world to know world to see.
I don’t want be another number lost and forgotten.
everyday I am calling from my heart see me hear me don’t let me die don’t let me die please please don’t let me die.
I want to see my loves. I hold hope. even if others can’t.
I am here. I won’t go without a fight. I will leave things on fire just like I have been all my life.

if you still here even if you can’t believe know this. I think you are extraordinary amazing. You matter you are worth the world. I hold hope in me for me for you for everyone. I will carry in me the beauty. You are loved. You are important. You are valuable.

keep going a second a minute a day. Keep going.


Written with Unity 144